What are some of the functions available in TT Fusion?

Projects, goals and objectives, budgets, delegation, tasks, schedules, meetings, contacts and events.

Everyone involved in the project has a clear overview at all times – to see if the project is on track and targeted at the right goals.

In TaskTimer the Goal View screen provides managers with a clear picture of the goals and the progress made to achieve this goals.
TaskTimer Fusion identifies objectives and deliverables.

You can clone entire project or project structures, it saves you time and effort when you are starting a project similar to a previous one, while the old project remains untouched.
Transparent flow of information between the project manager and team members, aims to keep people on task up-to-date on project status.

The information related to everyone involved in a project is stored, including tasks, contacts, progress and documents from team members up to project managers.

Easily give access to needed information to the new members joining the team, so they can easily come up to speed. 

Budget tracking, Task, Schedules, Meetings, Contacts & Delegation

TaskTimer Fusion includes templates for delegating tasks, the task and its goal is defined precisely to match the skill level of the team.

Function for Delegation in TaskTimer Fusion registers the task with the right priority and time frame to ensure that it fits in the project correctly.

Action emails from task, event or contact task and more. Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments. 

What are some of the functions available in TT PMP?

Access project status, schedules and related documents with just a "click!

Allows team member’s to link documents, including letters, reports, budgets, Word doc., Excel, graphs, forecast, presentations and notes to the appropriate projects.

Quickly and securely everyone involved in the project can access all relevant documents.

The “Status function” provides reports to keep all team members aware of all the progress toward the common goal.

Project managers and other team members have access to information, including the scheduling of resources, budget and time management, tasks assignments, quality control and documentation.

Events and team collaboration.

Work with scenarios, keep track of schedules, meetings and contacts. Import and export data, multiple print list of general workloads

Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments. 

What are some of the functions available in TT Express?

Helps you to increase the quality of your work and to keep your employees motivated.

Effective time management.
Access to other members assigned task list, understand how far the project has progress “Flags" for update on the progress.

Schedule appointments for yourself and other people, create tasks and see calendars and appointments of other TaskTimer users.

TT Express provides individuals and team members with access to information including the schedule of other team members.

Tailor TaskTimer to your needs, collaborate in real time, see information related to projects and tasks, (available only to people assigned to a tasks in the project)

Drag & drop emails, convert them into activities, book and manage appointments on locations/equipment's.

Daily, weekly & monthly plan with printing facilities in various formats.

Total integration between days, weeks, months, tasks and projects.

All information related to meetings, projects and tasks is collected in one place and on real time.

We work with governments and companies around the world.

Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments. Works with Mobile devices & Windows 10/11/Tablets.

What are the functions available in TT PIM?

TT PIM is not available in the Cloud

Organize your personal and professional information, access your data, daily, weekly and monthly plan, with printing facilities (included in all levels)

Schedule appointments and manage tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events and emails (included in all levels)

Review current pending, action emails by appointments, tasks, events and contact tasks (all levels)

Keep information secure and private with encrypted password. Integrates with MS Office, Outlook and Exchange.

TT Works with Windows 10/ 11 / Tablets, Exchange, Linux & more, free remote presentations available to individuals and groups

TTPIM does not work with Mobile devices and does not include Archiving database, suitable to single users only. 

What are some of the functions available in TT Mobile?

Monitor progress of a project, get access to projects and achieve set targets!

Search for Team Members, start a new project and have milestone set by default.

Set project deadline on the starting date.

When you start a project TTMobile assigns for you by default the Project Team Member, Project Responsible & Project Manager or you can make your own selection.

Keep up to date on the state of the project and deadlines.

Sort for projects to link to appointments, task and contact task.

Add or remove people from a project.

See deadlines on projects, tasks, calendars and block reservations.

You don't need to pre-select the project to add/edit an appointment.

Have projects marked DONE (best function for Project Managers)

Collaborate with your team and prioritize.

Conflicts: Stop the project, Identified the problem, handle change & continue with the project.

Select participants to a meeting and see who accepted/rejected or has not yet reacted to the request.


Why is a need for TaskTimer levels?

TaskTimer has been developed to meet the time managing and planning needs of all the employees in an organization. There can naturally be big differences between the needs of individual users, depending among other things, on the functions he/she has in the organization. 

For this reason, a user level and special rights can be defined for each user in TaskTimer, this way, the user can get a tool which is specifically matched to his/her needs, without the menus or buttons which are not relevant to the user.

The four user levels in TaskTimer, define the access rights to certain functions and to information in the database, depending on the needs of the user within the organization.

What makes our products better?

Empowerment of project teams: macro rather than micro management.

2. Defined roles and responsibilities for everyone.
3. Project managers can modify the process to address specific project needs.
4. Reusable capability, no need to start from scratch.
5. Encourages prioritizing
6. At the end of each iteration customers review progress.
7. Minimum overall risk.
8. Ownership: the techniques used encourage and create team ownership
9. Proactive involvement of business users
10. Business driven 
11. Dramatic increase in productivity & Price
12. Archiving: Use existing project to start a new one

Project Creator is available in English only

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TaskTimer with the  functionality that is still not available today, It's the first software to connect projects and team members with a visual all-in-one platform, for you to work with all the information in one place.

Since the first release (years ago) TaskTimer is been upgrated many times, it includes tools for creating schedules as well as projects, budgets, assign task to team members, communicating with users and non users of TaskTimer, it pairs with the best tools in the market and it surpasses the standards of any Project Management Software.

Run a free trail in the cloud, contact us to arrange it.

Most value features:

Unlimited amount of users, communication, collaboration, task management, task progress tracking, task scheduling, budget management and creation, invoicing and more

Agile Project Creator BPM integrates with TaskTimer Fusion/Project Controller to promote continuous customer-stakeholder involvement and satisfaction.

These powerful combination brings great improvement to the communication with teams whether working in same location or away. 

With TaskTimer Top Managers and Teams Work Together

Project Creator


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Mobipro Project Creator Methodology and TaskTimer have been adopted in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and finances to services and governments.

We have the expertise in applying the Project Creator model to the scoping, planning and control of IT and business projects.

We provide you with the assistance you need when you need it!


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Projects, goals and objectives, budgets, delegation, tasks, resources, schedules, meetings, contacts, events +

Choose the best from Waterfall and Agile methodologies, and mix things up to suit your team’s particular project needs

You can now have projects build from request to implementation on time and on budget, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

Project Creator with TaskTimer Fusion/Project Controller, an
user friendly package that brings people, processes, and technology together to give everyone the right information and in real-time, to encourage innovation and a dynamic execution

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