What is cloud-based Project Management?

Is the practice of managing projects through cloud-based software app.

Project management process is simplified by providing teams with a centralized platform to collaborate and coordinate their efforts. 

Some of the main advantages of using cloud technology for project management is easy accessibility, real time collaboration, enhance data security, reduced cost and the ability to visualize and manage project data efficiently on a centralized platform. In summary, cloud-based project management simplifies and enhances the project management process.

Team members can access project information and update their tasks from anywhere and at any time

What are the benefits of running Project Management in the cloud?

Cloud-based project management tools provide several basic features that offer a multitude of benefits to project teams and remote teams. The ability to have unlimited users, enabling teams of any size to collaborate and work together seamlessly. Also useful for businesses that have multiple teams or departments working on different aspects of a project

Can a team work efficiently in the cloud?

Cloud-based project management platforms allow teams to visualize project data in a single location. They can create schedules, assign tasks, and prioritize them efficiently, thanks to interactive timelines and task management tools. This streamlines the project management process, improves coordination, and ensures project progress is monitored effectively.

A cloud-based project management tool enables seamless coordination by centralizing all project-related data in one platform. Team members can easily access project timelines, task lists, and other critical information, fostering better coordination and avoiding misunderstandings. it also simplifies the planning process. 

With interactive timelines and intuitive interfaces, teams can easily create and manage project schedules, set milestones, and visualize deadlines, ensuring that projects stay on track.

Can cloud-based Project Management facilitate effective collaboration?

Yes! Team members can securely store and share project documents, such as files, reports, and presentations, in a central location. This enhances collaboration, ensures version control, and enables easy access to the most up-to-date information.

What is the advantage of working in the cloud?

The advantages of a cloud-based Project Management Tool lie in its ability to improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, streamline coordination, and simplify planning. As a result, these tools have gained immense popularity as they provide a comprehensive solution for coordinating, collaborating, monitoring, and delivering projects efficiently.

Typical on-site IT infrastructure or public cloud, what is the difference?

Hosted within a dedicated virtual space within traditional, physical servers, public clouds give users remote access to enterprise-level processing and storage. Compared to typical on-site IT infrastructure, the benefits of public cloud include being easier, faster, and less expensive to set up and manage, offering companies nearly endless ways to scale and flex their required IT resources as needed.

Public cloud deployment models are a common solution for companies with specific or predictable storage and processing needs,

Despite the connotation of being “public,” public cloud security still exists, providing companies with multiple layers of defense. These layers include containers, stringent access procedures, encryption for data moving in and out of storage, cyberthreat detection and analysis, and other vendor-certified protections that are compliant with industry regulations.

According to a recent survey 52 percent of organizations say they have better security in the cloud compared to on-site.

How does Mobipro maintain Data security?

Data Security is a significant advantage of cloud-based project management

The Mobipro subscription service is hosted on dedicated servers within secure, industry-leading data centers provided by Microsoft Web Services. These data centers provide 24-hour physical security including biometric access controls and continuous surveillance.

Advanced security measures are employed to protect project data, including encryption, and secure access controls. This helps to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of critical project documents.

Can I run TT free?

Yes! you can work with TaskTimer in the cloud free for 5 days, no obligation or credit card required, just contact us so that we can arrange it for you 

TaskTimer and Project Creator can be use with different devices. They are very advance Project Management tools with invoicing, budget management, time tracking, Gantt Chart, Pert Chart and big savings

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From goal to action, take action and achieve your goal

Goal management & views

Attach projects to goals

Attach task to project & milestones

Attach task to project

Tasks & appointment accounting

Task appointment preparation

Task links dependencies

Automatic tasks delegation, simple delegated task

Custom fields

Project accounting

Project reporting

Working sets training, prospect, contract, market.etc)

Colours in Milestone-phases

Automated project status reporting

Business & project templates

Business Project Management

Advance project reports

Set project milestone

Project, tasks expenses

Multiple project view manipulation

Project Management view

Automated templates (generate

report with progress)

Create appointments (incl. travel


People hourly rates

Organize company groups as team
or department

Resource workloads

Advance task Wizard

Includes more functions not showing on here

State-of-the-art security

2GB storage 


Agile Project Creator (Optional)
Create and delegate projects
Create, manage and keep track of budget

Clone projects
General workload view
People overview

Project list
Project control view

Project and task PERT analysis
Project planning view

Define project objectives and requirements (to ensure delivery)
Visibility to management across entire teamTask Skilling
Time registration
Find skilled and available people to create a team & re-use next time in  projects & tasks

State-of-the-art security

2GB storage 

English only

Time Boxing

Request - Phase Zero
Enterprise Modelling - Business Analysis - Project Review 


Overall Project Planning  
System Definition -
Sizing Planing & Selection - Implementation - Maintenance

Enterprise Modelling Workfloaw

Organization chart review

Major process identification

Produce plan for next phase

Business plan & performance tracking review

Perform quality inspections and much more


What is our refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. If you cancel your plan before the next renewal
cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period. If your subscription expires, you will lose access to paid features and all data associated with those features.


TaskTimer Express

 TaskTimer Mobile

Bring the cloud experience to all your apps and data

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Desktop users:  

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TaskTimer PMP

TaskTimer Fusion

Project Creator

Plan E

15 x user x month (up to 3 users)

More than 3 users contact us

Billed Yearly

Functions included in this plan

Unlimited projects & users

Contacts, contact tasks

Address book/telephone directory 

Shortcut Menu, easily open your
tasks, projects, etc. that you are

working on.

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plans

Appointments, schedules, events 

Send request with attached notes

Any Desk / Microsoft Teams (Optional)

Create timesheet (time registration)

CRM-Archive projects, tasks, goals 

Search, Calendar view

Templates. Follow-up on tasks

Task appointment preparation

Attach notes/doc. to activities

Communication & collaboration from

anywhere - Data import & export

Multi-user - Real Time

Private messages, daily view multiple

people (Projects, tasks etc)

Equipment for a task, project or event

Project view- General task view

Create task and contact task

Receive delegated task - 

Block reservations

Time and task management

Multiple Printing, designed print forms

Clone task, create timesheet &
locations. Create locations (conference

room etc) Follow up on tasks

Time zones, secure with encrypted


Includes more functions not showing
on here

State-of-the-art security

2GB Storage 

Run TT In the Cloud free for 5 days


Plan P

26 x user x Mth (up to 3 users)

More than 3 users contact us

Billed Yearly 

Includes functions in Plan E+


Plan F

30 x user x Mth (up to 3 users)

More than 3 users contact us

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Includes functions in plan E-P+

Plan PC

35 x user x month

Integrates with TT Fusion

Billed yearly

Functions included     

Plan M

10 x user x month - Billed Yearly 

work on projects and tasks
easily from anywhere

Functions included

Keep updated on state of projects.

Search for team members

Set project deadline on starting date.

Link project to appointments tasks and contact tasks.

See deadlines on projects, tasks,

calendar and block reservation.

Collaborate with your team

Prioritize and much more