Time and Task Management

 Is it possible to make an appointment for a whole week in just one step?

Yes, it is. In the repeat section you can select the "Calendar section" to open up the pop-up calendar. Then just double click on the week number and every working day is selected this week, TTV15 comes with a 12months calendar, appointments can be set for up to a year size 11 black

How do I focus on the most important tasks in my daily work?

TaskTimer has a pre-defined system for prioritizing Tasks which makes it possible for you to recognize and focus on the most important tasks in order to reach your goals. Hereby you enjoy improved utilization of your time. TTV11 allows prioritizing by A.B.C, “A” important & urgent “B” Important not urgent “C” Urgent, not important

If I change a task or an appointment in a project do I then have to change it in my daily plan as well?

No, the total integration in TaskTimer between days, weeks, months, tasks and projects means that when you update in one place you update everywhere.

In our organization we always lack information because people communicate in different ways. Can TaskTimer help us?

Yes, the pre-defined Templates in TaskTimer ensure improved communication as the templates enforce the users to structure their information.

How do I move or resize a sub-window (like Daily View) in TaskTimer without a mouse? When I press ALT-SPACE I only get the option to move/resize the main TaskTimer window?

After you press ALT-SPACE, press the right arrow button. This will give you the system menu for the active sub-window.

How can I easily get an overview of my department’s activities?

With the facilities People overview, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and yearly view, the possibility of viewing other people’s plans and of having an unlimited number of views open simultaneously you get a feeling of total information and control

I spend so much time booking meetings. How can I increase efficiency working with TaskTimer?

A number of facilities in TaskTimer, like Booking, availability of Equipment and Resources, Automatic circulation of agendas and Messaging increase efficiency, as no time is wasted on contacting people in order to book meetings, distributing agendas and looking for equipment.

In the Address Tab of the People View there is no field for the work fax number. Different people within the same company sometimes have different fax numbers?

It is possible to change the name of one of the existing fields, for example the Home number, to, for example, "Fax Number". This is done by SYSOP. Alternatively, one of the three "additional telephone number fields" could be used.

Projects & Business Management

How can TaskTimer ensure realistic planning and effective management of my business projects?

With TaskTimer you are given guidelines and structure for a simple, but yet effective model for business project management. This includes clear rules, like who may do what and the possibility to establish uniform and coordinated project and plans across departments.

How can I achieve increased control with the implementation and progress of my projects?

By using the Status Task, Status Indicator and Status Automation facilities in TaskTimer you ensure a uniform and structured status reporting on both individual and organizational level. The facilities enable you to focus on what is important without spending time on all the details.

How can I ensure teamwork and a smooth implementation of projects in my department?

In TaskTimer you can assign a project manager and a project responsible, allowing you to delegate and supervise projects. Thereby, your employees become motivated and feel responsible for the projects.

How can I ensure rationalization and optimal utilization of the resources in my department?

The Project Workload view in TaskTimer give a clear overview of the workload and involvement of each individual in the department and thus makes it possible to avoid overloading people or not utilizing available resources.

People in our project groups always lack information. How can we avoid this with the use of TaskTimer?

In TaskTimer you can attach Notes, Files, Documents, Pictures, Emails and Objects to Projects. Thereby all project members have access to central information and documentation and you get increased group effectiveness.

How do I simply create a meeting with my project team?

Simple. When you create an appointment in TaskTimer, select the Project Team as participants to the meeting. Don't forget to attach an agenda (using TaskTimer templates) and include relevant project information.

With TaskTimer can I run Business Projects; does it provide information to manage processes?

TTFusion allows the integration to Project Creator a framework for managing processes that provides you with templates with complete and detailed description on what needs to be done on a project. The methodology can be applied to any project, whether small and simple or huge and extremely complex and you can work with all the information in one place.

General Improvements

How do you use Scenarios?

With the Scenario feature, you can save an unlimited number of TaskTimer "Desktop" layouts. This is a very strong feature if you are dealing with different sets of launched views.

Can you attach OLE documents?

Yes, in TaskTimer it is possible to attach OLE documents, i.e. an MS-WORD document, to an activity. Any number of OLE documents can be attached to a single activity thereby making it possible to use TaskTimer as storage for documents.

With TaskTimer can I archive my old projects and tasks?

Yes! TaskTimer is been provided with 1 extra database for archiving only, if you click on File + Database and select “Archiving” you are able to store projects and tasks and retrieve all the stored information when you needed, this allow you to free more space on your working database (this feature is not available with TTPIM v11) Archiving only works with TTSQL DB - soon will be available with Micros. SQL Database..

How can you reserve time for preparation of meetings?

A feature for meeting preparation is included in TaskTimer. You are given the possibility of linking a Standard Task to an Appointment activity, representing the preparation of the meeting. By use of this technique, you can choose any time convenient to prepare the meeting, and you are at all times provided with the full picture of time allocated to a meeting just by one click.

How can you see who is working in which companies?

The classic problem of finding out who is working in a specific company is solved with TaskTimer. In TaskTimer People and Companies are separated as individual items, but linked by the user. By use of the "expand/collapse" technique, a single click will make it possible for the user to see the people linked to a company or to see companies linked to people.

How can you handle meeting locations and equipment?

With TaskTimer meeting locations can be booked and handled separately. For each meeting location, a responsible person can be pointed out. This person will automatically be informed each time the location in question is booked. In connection with booking a meeting, equipment like overhead projectors, TV sets, and video machines can also be linked to each meeting location and automatically be booked at the same time as the location.

Can you attach notes to Messages?

Yes, it is possible to attach a small message when responding to a request. This is a simple, but effective way of giving a response to the originator of the request.

Can you decide whether a note should be private or public?

Yes, the possibility of having several notes attached to one activity is available, the user can choose for each attached note whether the note should be private or public. I.e., when changing the agenda for a meeting, the agenda will now be redistributed automatically to all people involved in the meeting if the agenda is placed in a public note attached to the meeting.

How can data be entered more quickly?

For quick creation of an Appointment, a Contact Task or a Standard Task, it is possible to type the description on the line in the view without having to open a dialogue. Changing the description of an activity will also be possible directly in the view.

With TaskTimer can I synchronize to Outlook?

Yes, you can easily synchronize to Outlook with just a click on the “Icon” located on the top menu, synchronization is available from TT to Outlook and from Outlook to TaskTimer.

With TaskTimer can I create CRM users and manage the interactions with current and future customers, sharing notes?

Yes! You can also collaborate with the entire team and share information as it happens, you can track sales and marketing campaigns.

When I create a new task, goal, project what do I need to do to have it showing on Shortcut Menu?

With TTV11/TTV15 every time that you create a new activity listed on the DBM it is automatically registered, and when the status changes, it is updated on this menu. 

Can I run a search for longer than 6 months?

Yes, a new feature in TT now allows you to run a 12-month search.

Can I see the yearly calendar on TT?

Yes! With TT you can select to see the calendar by 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 months and from here you can create events, appointments and tasks.

Can I send emails to non-TaskTimer users?

Yes, with TT you can invite non TT users by emails, send invitations from events and appointments and send emails from events, contacts, schedules and tasks.

With TaskTimer can I run Business Projects; does it provide information to manage processes?

TTFusion integrates with Project Creator which is a framework for managing processes, it provides you with templates that include complete detailed description on what needs to be done on a project. Project Creator is an agile methodology that can be applied to any project, the methodology is suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements, Project Creator can be purchased as a package, for one single, low price payment you receive a package that includes, TaskTimer Fusion and Project Creator, and because this apps are integrated in TT you get to keep and find all information in one single place.

I have an old TT license, how can I upgrade TaskTimer and keep the existing information of my old TT?

You can upgrade to a new version at any time, our tech’s can convert the old Flat TTDB to the current TTSQL DB, some notes may be lost during this process but most information will be successfully transferred, this depends on how old is your TT version, e.g. with TT60 results can be better than with TT51.

When I finish an activity how important is it to click as “Done”

It is important, not taking this action could affect TaskTimer performance.

When I upgrade to a new system can I still use my old version of TaskTimer?

If you upgrade your system (Windows) you will be forced to upgrade to the latest TaskTimer version, even if the old version of TT seems to work with your new system, you will experience sooner or later that the old TT has become unreliable.

When I purchase TT License can I get my money back if I change my mind?

You are able to get a refund only when a product license has not yet been mailed to you, once a license has been delivered, we can no longer do refunds, we recommend that you run a Free trial before you buy, to make sure that you get what is right for you.

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