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1980 First release of TaskTimer for Windows

Mobipro is a company that made significant strides in the realm of time management, project planning, and implementation. Here’s a glimpse into our story:

Origins and Evolution:

In 1980Time Systems International embarked on a mission to create paper-based planning tools for office professionals and individual clients. Their innovative approach to time management garnered them a leading position in the market, with millions of users worldwide.

Over the years, they honed their expertise in planning, project management, understanding human behavior and organizational dynamics.

In 1993, they took a leap into the digital world by developing the first software version of their flagship product, TaskTimer, as a standard Windows system. This user-friendly solution featured an intuitive graphical interface.

Subsequent versions followed, including TTv2.0TTv3.0TTv4.0, and TTv5.0.


I-Case International, established in 1991, specialized in Rapid Development Methodology (RDM). They helped blue-chip companies and large governments plan, budget, manage, and report on major projects.

In 2001, I-Case acquired the Mobipro technology, which complemented their RDM approach. This integration allowed them to run complex projects in real time, leading to the birth of Project Creator.

Mobipro became the sole owner of the worldwide software distribution company, developing and supporting its own time and project management products.

TaskTimer and Beyond:

TaskTimer, launched by Mobipro in 2002, marked a significant milestone. Subsequent versions, including TTv6.0TTv7.0TTv10TTv11  and the latest release TTV15 have continued to empower users globally.

With a user base of over a 1 million, primarily in Europe, and 12,100 corporate licenses in Germany alone, Mobipro has transformed team performance, productivity, and goal achievement.

With features like TaskTimer FusionMobipro ensures that information remains accessible and integrated, simplifying both business and IT processes.

In summary, Mobipro has revolutionized the way organizations approach time management and project execution.

Mobipro is a company that made significant strides in the realm of time management, project planning, and implementation. Here’s a glimpse into our story:

The Power of Collaboration:

TaskTimer isn’t just about managing time; it’s a real-time project management solution. It enables collaboration, implementation, and delivery in shorter timeframes.

With features like TaskTimer FusionMobipro ensures that information remains accessible and integrated, simplifying both business and IT processes.

Real-Time Collaboration and Implementation:

Unlike many traditional project management tools, Mobipro emphasizes real-time collaboration. It enables teams to work together seamlessly, respond to changes promptly, and adapt dynamically.

TaskTimer Fusion, a core feature, ensures that information remains accessible and integrated. This facilitates smoother business processes and efficient IT management.

User-Friendly Interface:

TaskTimer, developed by Mobipro, boasts an intuitive graphical interface. Users find it easy to navigate, plan tasks, and track progress.

The focus on usability sets our solutions apart from complex, cumbersome tools.

Long-Standing Legacy:

Mobipro has been in the game since the early 1980s. With millions of users worldwide, their experience and expertise are unmatched.

Their journey from paper-based planning tools to cutting-edge software demonstrates adaptability and continuous improvement.

Project Execution Efficiency:

TaskTimer isn’t just about time management; it’s a real-time project management solution. It streamlines execution, reduces delays, and enhances productivity.

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or a team member, Mobipro equips you with the tools needed to succeed.

TaskTimer Fusion is a robust project management software designed to streamline planning, execution, and collaboration. Let’s delve into its features:

Cloning Projects:

With TaskTimer Fusion, you can clone entire projects or project structures. This feature saves time and effort when starting a new project similar to a previous one, while keeping the old project untouched.

Budget Tracking:

Create and track project budgets effortlessly. Receive updates on remaining budget as your project progresses.

Resource Management:

Allocate resources efficiently. Balance your budget by assigning costs to different activities.

Real-Time Collaboration:

TaskTimer Fusion fosters collaboration among team members. Share documents, use Gantt charts, and set milestones.

TaskTimer is a real-time project management solution that enables teams to work together both in and out of the office

Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you stay connected in real time.

Agile Project Creator Integration:

Combine TaskTimer Fusion with Agile Project Creator for hassle-free project management from the start.

User-Friendly Interface:

TaskTimer offers an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate, plan tasks, and track progress.

Project Creator complements TaskTimer with an Agile-Waterfall hybrid model, It allows you to create your own recipe for success by combining the best elements of both methodologies.

Agile Project Creator streamlines Agile project planning, promotes collaboration, and ensures consistency. Whether you’re managing software development or other dynamic projects, this tool empowers your team to iterate quickly and focus on customer needs.

Global Reach:

While Mobipro primarily serves Europe, its impact extends globally. It has made a significant mark in the project management landscape.

Remember, choosing the right project management tool depends on your specific needs, team dynamics, and organizational goals. Mobipro offers a refreshing alternative for those seeking efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability.

Global Impact:

Mobipro has made its mark in the Time and project management landscape.

Remember, choosing the right project management tool depends on your specific needs. TaskTimer Fusion stands out for its real-time collaboration, resource allocation, and user-friendly approach.

Project Management in the Cloud

To match the rapid growing method of delivering information Mobipro acquired Cloud to extend the use of existing solutions to a bigger selection of programs & technologies and to allow the users to do things dramatically better, at a fraction of the time and cost.


Customer Reviews

Steve Pots - MD - USA

I spent many years working on project management, after a long search I came across TaskTimer, a fantastic program for planning and monitoring multiple projects, great management tool to keep control of time & projects. Up to the present I have not been able to find any tool that can offer the user the amount of functionality and be as user friendly as TT an application still unmatched by any other.


Paula Roy

Vice President, Human Resources

Alex Apparel Group, Inc. NYC. NY-USA

Many years ago (1990s), I was one of the original Beta testers of the TaskTimer product in collaboration with TimeSystems, Inc. (TimeDesign).

I used TaskTimer happily for many years, but when my relationship with TimeSystems ended, I was unable to find product upgrades.

In desperation to find this product, I searched again recently to find the Mobipro site, then made my way to the tasktimer.com site, I tried to download the product trial and got an error message that it was location incompatible.

This product was always the very best PM that I’ve ever used and I was elated to find any reference to it.

Thank you so much for your clear willingness to work with me and bring me back into the TT fold! James your support guy, was so kind and helpful, and it was a delight to speak with him!


Alejandro Olss (Mexico)

I have been using TaskTimer for more than 15 years and love the functionality.

S. Gillinger (Germany)

I have been using TaskTimer for years and I have not seen any tool that works the way this product does, the best GTD I know 



Linauer Group Wagner 

Austria 380 employees

(Q) What critical processes have been found in your organization to decide for TaskTimer?

(A) Planning time and resources Control and management of projects General information about recurring tasks Central address and registration of persons.

(Q) Did you choose TaskTimer?

(A) one of our general managers used TaskTimer, then after a thorough analysis of the market we could not find a comparable and competitive product that offers us the same functionality and ease of use.

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