Main Features

• Forecast, plan, record, report and analyze project expenses.

• Coordinate and illustrate project milestones and dependencies.

• Identify and respond to unexpected problems or failures (e.g., “negative events”).

• Define the project scope/deliverables, schedule and resources/budget, as well as present the critical path, dependencies and constraints.

• Monitor the progress of tasks and planned accomplishments to better manage the status of the project.

• Reports that provide managers with a visual way to understand the status of a task/project, costs, or other important information.

• Log and record hours worked and costs incurred for easy invoicing.

• Encourage users to organize, discuss, improve, and evaluate ideas or alternative ways of thinking.

• Rank activities and tasks according to their relative importance.

• Efficient and effective use of an organization's human capital.

• Allows team members to share files, communicate and collaborate.

Prioritization, resource management and allocation on all phases of the project, task, time and cost management, timeline view, message list, customer and stakeholder engagement to improve communication with all stakeholders.

Project planning, creation, scheduling, reporting, tracking, archiving, contacts, contact tasks, events, works with the software you have

To keep your information secure, to access TaskTimer in the cloud requires a login.

About TaskTimer:

  • TaskTimer in the cloud allows you to work as if you were working from the office, in real time and connected all the time.
  • TaskTimer, developed by Mobipro, boasts an intuitive graphical interface. Users find it easy to navigate, plan tasks, and track progress.
  • The focus on usability sets Mobipro apart from complex, cumbersome tools
  • You can bring together people from other departments or from all over the world.
  • TaskTimer Fusion and Agile Project Creator are a package for hassle-free projects right from the start.
  • You can check how a goal, project or task is progressing, you can initiate your status report by selecting status reports on a goal, project or milestone.
  • Define critical success factors to identify the factors that are crucial to achieving your goal.

About TaskTimer Fusion

Budgeting the bottom-up estimation.

  • The most used method for creating project budgets. It simply requires summing up all the costs allocated to the different activities in the project. Use TaskTimer Fusion to sum up and get the total costs of your project.

  • TaskTimer Fusion enables users to create and manage tasks within projects, track time spent on tasks and expenses incurred, and generate reports on task completion and resource utilization.
  • TTF you can create and balance your budget, budget the time of your teams and allocate cost to different activities.
  • Share information with your team, making the information visible only to the ones who need to know
  • TaskTimer can be pair-up with Project Creator to link all your team members together and give each one access to project information and current status.
  • TaskTimer automatic updating means all team members know what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

Project Creator - repeatable framework

  • An agile project plan template, such as Agile Project Creator, serves as a repeatable framework.
  • You can customize it to suit any future Agile project.
  • By using this template, you expedite the project planning process and ensure consistent organization across your team’s projects.
  • Simple project planning, timebox: fixed time frame for the project phase.
  • Team building technique
  • Engages business users, promotes delivery of high quality systems in short, fixed time frames.
  • Ensures the increase in value and early profitability of the investment.
  • The methodology is in standard form or can be tailored to the specific needs and processes of the organization.
  • Works with existing technology. Complete software lifecycle processes and a combination of accelerated techniques.

Kanban Board or Gantt Chart?

  • Agile project plan templates are often organized in one of two ways:
    • Kanban Style Board: Ideal for visualizing tasks at specific stages. Each task (represented by a Kanban card) progresses through different columns on the board.
    • Gantt Chart: Better suited for linear tracking of project progress.
  • Choose the format that aligns with your team’s workflow and preferences.

Agile Methodology

  • Agile is a common project management methodology that breaks large projects into smaller portions called sprints.
  • After each sprint, the team reflects on progress and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Agile Project Creator accommodates various Agile methodologies, including lean project managementKanban, and Scrum.

In Summary

Agile Project Creator streamlines Agile project planning, promotes collaboration, and ensures consistency. Whether you’re managing software development or other dynamic projects, this tool empowers your team to iterate quickly and focus on customer needs

Both TaskTimer Fusion and Project Creator offer cloud-based solutions, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly and manage projects efficiently. Let’s explore their cloud compatibility:

  1. TaskTimer:
    TaskTimer is a real-time project management solution that enables teams to work together both in and out of the office.
    Key features include:
    User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive graphical interface simplifies task planning and progress tracking.Resource Management: Allocate resources efficiently and balance your budget.
    Collaboration: Teams can collaborate in real time, sharing documents, using Gantt charts, and setting milestones.

Global Reach: With 2.15 million users, primarily in Europe, TaskTimer has made its mark in project management

  1. Project Creator:
    Project Creator complements TaskTimer with an Agile-Waterfall hybrid model. It allows you to create your own recipe for success by combining the best elements of both methodologies.


Enhance productivity and effective teamwork.

Stay connected when you’re working. Plan the course of your project from the beginning and know in advance the deadlines and predicted costs. This allows you to allocate resources, more effectively, preventing delays and project overruns.

Budgeting: The bottom-up estimation

The most commonly used method for creating project budgets. It simply requires summing up all the costs allocated to the different activities in the project. Use TaskTimer to sum up and get the total costs of your project.

Project Execution Efficiency

TaskTimer goes beyond time management; it serves as a dynamic project management solution. TT optimize operations, minimize delays, and boosts efficiency. Whether you're an experienced project manager or a team member, Mobipro provides you with the essential tools for you to achieve success.

Keep your passwords safe

Keep hackers at bay!

TaskTimer allows you to store complex passwords, eliminating the need to rely on your memory. This feature is accessible across all levels, ensuring easy access and safety whenever you need it.

Benefit from savings, financial flexibility and operational ease of the cloud.

Achieve innovative business results by leveraging new ways to consume, deploy and manage networks.


Save time and money, collaborate with your team, work in the cloud with TaskTimer, easy access and flexible choices.


Share and update information in real-time, from anywhere. 


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The free demo versions gives you the opportunity to find the benefits and the range of functions of the software before you buy it.

Mobipro moved to the cloud adding and managing security features to meet changing business needs. This is to ensure that our customers receive the best project management tool with the highest standard, quality, service and security at an excellent price 

TaskTimer / Project Creator 

The Power of Collaboration


  • TaskTimer isn’t just about managing time; it’s a real-time project management solution. It enables collaboration, implementation, and delivery in shorter timeframes.
  • Whether in the office or beyond, TaskTimer equips managers and teams with the tools they need to respond to business changes effectively.

Some benefits of Cloud-base Project Management. 

Easy access, flexible choices. Share and update information on real time, from anywhere and with any device.  

Unlimited amount of users can collaborate, teams can assign task to team members, set due dates and track their progress. Useful to businesses with multiple teams or departments working on different aspects of the project.

Try it! No risks, obligations or need for credit cards.   

Working in the Cloud


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Budget management creation and updating, collaboration, documents, file sharing, Gantt and PERT Chart, milestone tracking, appointments.


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