ProjectCreator is a formal framework to achieve Rapid Delivery of projects. It is results-oriented, rather than task-oriented. By focusing on achieving deliverables in short fixed time frames, it forces the question: What can be done in the time available? The whole orientation of ProjectCreator is to deliver high priority items to the Business rapidly.

Your benefits of getting ProjectCreator:

ProjectCreator is based on an assumption of change.

This is a consequence of a dynamic Business environment and the natural difficulty Business users face in stating at the outset exactly what they need. Requirements will change, priorities will change. The focus is to deliver to the Business what they need at the time of delivery, rather than what they thought they may have needed at an earlier point in time.

ProjectCreator helps you easily build a management control structure for even the most complex project, and supplies the tools to identify critical events and resource constraints, through the definition of roles, setting of direction and steering the project.

Business Processes explained:

  • Enterprise Modelling
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Function decomposition
  • Logical Data modelling
  • Gap Analysis
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Business Case presentation
  • ...and much more


Software Developer:

    has a proven path for software development. It is an integrated set of on-line processes and templates, which provide a framework for managing software development

Software Selector:

    provides a proven path to successful software purchase and implementation. It is an integrated set of on-line processes and templates, which provide a framework for managing selections of package/application software.

Rapid E:

    Rapid E: is a modern, intuitive user-friendly tool for estimating IT development time and costs. Rapid E is useful to the project manager, business analysts, technical team leaders, programmers and business users.

In summary, ProjectCreator that has been delivered by consultants build on Mobipro's proven methodology, ensuring the highest standard of Project Management and Control is achieved.

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