About US

About US


Established in the early nineties, from a number of well-experienced business managers from varied industries (Construction, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Media, Professional Services) with the help of some well-renowned theorists (including James Martin), MOBIPRO specialises in providing solutions in the Time Management and Project Managementarena, personal and corporate. Our extensive line of customers avail of our services and software to improve personal affectivity and team performance, maximize productivity and efficiency, and more importantly, achieve their goals and objectives.

Based on proven time and project management methodologies, Mobipro product portfolio comprises a suite of integrated software applications that provide, in real time, individuals and connected groups access to goal, project, task, appointment, email, and contact information. Our customers receive email, create tasks, plan time, delegate, schedule appointments and include all this in a project. And then monitor project progress at any time, from anywhere. All in one application.

Key Milestones


  • 1990 - TaskTimer v1.0, a unique DOS-based time management system, created by Time/system International in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1991 - I-Case International established in Sydney, Australia to provide project management services to corporate/government IT departments
  • 1994 - I-Case & IBM (Lend Lease) finalise a network-based Project Methodology, called Rapid Delivery
  • 1997 - Microsoft appoint I-Case as Australian Project Deployment Assistance partner
  • 1998 - TaskTimer v5.0 released
  • 1999 - Time/system appoint I-Case as Asia Pacific distributor
  • 2000 - Time/system create MOBIPRO a/s as software arm
  • 2001 - I-Case acquire software IP from Time/system
  • 2001 - MOBIPRO Interantional, MOBIPRO Europe established by I-Case
  • 2003 - TaskTimer v6.0 released - includes an Email component
  • 2004 - MOBIPRO move head office to Madrid, Spain
  • 2006 - MOBIPRO Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Rumania, Mexico and Japan - established
  • 2006 - TaskTimer v6.2 released with SQL Database- combines all 8 languages, including Japanese
  • 2007 - Mobipro Argentina – established
  • 2007 - TaskTimer.com USA
  • 2008 - March/Release of TaskTimer v7 with OEM version of Mind Mapping
  • 2009 - Release of TTWeb 
  • 2009/10 - To mark the 20th anniversary Mobipro launches the best combination of products for managing time and projects, this group of products provide the users with a desktop/Web solution
  • Sept. 2010 - Released of TTv10 solution available for Desktop, Web & Mobile.
  • Jan 2011 - released of TTMobile, the lightest, easiest way to carry your information.
  • July 2011 - TTX launched in Paris, 24hours/7days, 52 weeks, take your business to the Cloud.


Mobipro products, services and support are widely available through a comprehensive worldwide network.