TaskTimer X

TTX SecureClientGateway (Cloud)
"Watch out you’ve been followed" TaskTimer information is following you!

TTX intelligently delivers every bit of your TaskTimer information in a flash, NO MATTER WHAT SYSTEM YOU USE, works with what you have.

In the Modern World Team Members are distributed away more than ever, never the less, projects must stay on track and deliver results, but how do you enable Team Members to Work productively and as a unit, when you're working together or apart in far away locations? THE ANSWER? TTX! OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, FUNCTIONALITY, FLEXIBILITY & PRICE

  • TTX - explore the way to encourage productive collaboration and the strategies to strengthen the relationship in the workplace to have projects finalized quickly and smoothly, be organized, view resource allocation, deadlines on projects & tasks, project cost, your information and the information of other users, see & share documents, notes, contacts, appointments with other TaskTimer users, create, edit, assign, clone/delete tasks & projects for each employee, see activities in real time.
  • Allows multiple users to plan, schedule, share, track, report tasks, appointments, projects, business processes and any company activity.
  • Full collaboration with team & other company members
  • Proven to increase the company effectiveness and productivity by better managing and understanding of tasks and projects.
  • Send & receive emails.
  • Pop up reminder & alarm
  • To be used as in & out Cloud (your site or ours)
  • TT is used by Project Managers, Team Leaders and people on all levels of management.

Some of the most valuable TaskTimer X functions

  • Get instant feedback from TaskTimer when booking conflicted appointments
  • Daily-weekly-monthly plan, all with printing facilities in different formats, print from location or from server
  • Daily plan is divided in different areas: appointments, tasks, contact tasks as well as events, one single point of entry and data will be shown in different views
  • Access to other users planning data (based on security set up)
  • Complete Project management solution with network analysis functionality
  • Real-time projects collaboration
  • Send and receive work delegations through your network and get automatic feedback on changes or completion
  • Set tasks on appropriate daily plan to reduce time on reviewing current pending
  • Break down a budget and allocate it to your projects; see and be instantly updated on where you have to react
  • Drag & drop your emails to TaskTimer to have them converted into activities
  • Use referencing/tagging for later selections
  • Add notes/MS office documents to your activities or projects and decrease searching time
  • Book and manage locations/equipments to your appointments
  • Use built-in e-mail utility without the risk of known viruses
  • Works with minimum of 5 to unlimited amount of users
  • Touch-sensitive Help
  • Self-explaining wizards helps you to get knowledgeable on the use of TaskTimer fast, extensive context
  • Touch - sensitive Help
  • iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE, Windows Embedded, and Mac 10.5.x and above, Linux (requirements might change for Linux) and can be installed and run from an USB-Stick as well. The TTX Client it´s also available for the following 32-bit Linux: Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 8.10, Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.10, OpenSuse 11.1, Fedora Core 9, Fedora Core 11, CentOs 5.2, VectorLinux 6.0
Systeem vereisten

TTX SecureClientGateway is preferable installed on the following Operating System:

  • Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016 Server
  • administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 400MB of free space on your drive
  • Pentium IV or faster, 2048MB RAM, more than 256 colors
  • one TCP port opened on your firewall, forwarded to TTX-server

For use in multi-user environments

  • network, based on TCP/IP with centralized server (Win2003 Server and higher) to keep TaskTimer database available for your new entries
  • at least 100MB space for TaskTimer data and permissions to setup a database server in Windows services (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)

For Web access

  • enabled IIS with two open and forwarded ports to access TTX environment

Licentie mogelijkheden

TaskTimer X is designed to be used minimum of 5 to unlimited amount of users with high demand on planning. In multiple user environments of TaskTimer various kind of licenses (e.g. Express, PMP or Fusion) may be combined. TTX OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE!!! Functionality, flexibility & price, used by Academic Institutions for its user friendly design. Trial version for testing proposals is granted at no cost. To receive a demo license contact us on sales@mobipro.com. For a quote, please contact distribution@mobipro.com.


Voor bestellingen en/of informatie kunt u contact opnemen MOBIPRO per E-mail op sales@mobipro.comof bezoek onze webshop.