What is Activity Mind Mapper, how does it work?


Activity Mind Mapper is a visual thinking and data management tool that helps you to create, gather, process and manage ideas and information.

  • Mind maps are a method of jotting down a series of connected ideas quickly, so they can be recalled easily later on, mind maps help us to promote a creative thinking and to organize information.
  • Generally, mind maps start from a central point which represents an overall topic, and then branch off to connected subtopics to which associated representations of ideas are added, such as images, words or numbers.
  • It has been proven that these effective technique can help you to improve your recalled of ideas, your writing skills and your memory.

Mind maps are a different way of taking notes, solving problems and brainstorming.

So, next time you have an idea try to expand it with Activity Mind Mapper.

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Collaboration by email, how?

TaskTimer/Activity Mind Mapper for Project Management


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Give an exceptional value to your Business and your team, 

Use Activity Mind Mapper and TaskTimer to get better results


  Structure information and ideas lead to increase action and your team working with a group minded attitude, to achieve the results you want.

           Plan your project with Activity Mind Mapper export to TaskTimer to create, track and manage the project with the correct resources and connected to your team.


           Roles & responsibilities

           Use mind mapping to monitor resources and team members assigned to each task, you create sections (Branches) to summarize the responsibilities of       individual  members. The ability to create hierarchical nodes will allow you to organize the project team more efficiently and to deploy resources strategically, by           planning the project on a mind map you can communicate the essential overview of your project allowing you to see the most efficient path to completion.

 Brainstorming - Select the group to work together 


Collaboration is available by email, how?

Run brainstorming sessions by email when developing plans, setting goal, starting a business, for uncovering new ideas and solving problems.

Just email your mind map directly from AMM to invite your colleagues and team members to edit, make comments and/or review your mind map, adding documents, files, notes, ideas, images, attachments, priorities, check progress and more from anywhere at anytime.

The email collaboration in Activity Mind Mapper makes it easy to merge information and to see what others' edit on your mind map, collaborate with others to develop plans or implement key projects from anywhere at any time, harness the input of your group members without meetings, organize and group information in a clear and coherent way, cover all aspects, agendas, objectives, resources and locations, present it in one visual place.

AMM features give you and your group the flexibility to add to your mind map ideas, color, icons, priorities, shapes, lines, files, notes, documents, pictures, symbols and attachments, customize fonts, link tasks, check progress, create activities, link to create or to delete a group of topics and see implemented changes to your mind map.




Suitable to everyone including

Writers explore topics, develop & organize ideas, summaries to help you write essays, screen plays, thesis and books. 

Academics use it to make complex information simple, clear and understandable!

By grouping and organizing information in more abstract categories, we improve understanding of what we are trying to create, by meaning and association.



Create quotes for literature or formulas for math. Use Activity Mind Mapper for lectures, notes taking, essays, group or team assignments and research.

AMM gives you an unlimited expansion of ideas, helping you to keep organized and logical.

AMM acts as a triggering device for your creativity, encouraging your brain to produce ideas with complete freedom to manipulate and pull the connections between the two.

 To assess if the product suits your needs, run a free trial, once a license is been deliver we do not refund.



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