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TaskTimer ahead of time!!   

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Share and update information in real time across the whole enterprise and use the same flexibility to manage your personal information. A great fit to get Projects completed by cross functional teams.


 Agile Rapid Methodology was created by DuPont in the 1990's, using Time Boxing from J. Martin, later it was expanded to Project Creator as a rapid methodology, this enable right from the start a return that was a staggering productivity increase per person. Users are able to get what they want, when they want it. 

 Working remotely? With TaskTimer Fusion and Agile Project Creator package you can work as you would work from the office, been connected in real time and all the time, to ensure your team gets the help it needs and has an appropriate workload that can be executed effectively, with accountability and making sure they’re coping with the work they're assigned as you outline your expectations for continued productivity. You can bring people together from other departments or from across the globe.


TaskTimer works with SQL server and Oracle SQL, recommended to medium and large organizations dealing with excessive amounts of data.


"Develop functional teams" 

 TaskTimer has been developed decades ago with functionality that is still not available in today’s market, being the first software to connect projects and team members with a visual all-in-one platform and with ALL the information centralized in one place 



One payment its all it takes !! No hidden costs

Own the product, no monthly payments, cost per user, you pay only once.


Enter, access, change, remove or convert the data introduced in the application by the user or the organization. 

•The information is yours to retrieve when ever you need to.

•Low cost for adding new users.

•We offer quality customer service & security, to open the application a login is required with user and encrypted password

•We offer our clients remote support, training + videos with instructions to get you started and the steps for installation.

• All of our products can be run on a private cloud and remotely with RDS


Agile Business Management Solutions 

We know that with project management been able to see the full picture of a project and all its requirements is one of the many challenges at the start of a project, so if you are searching for a solution to the issues with projects, communication, group collaboration, creating, organizing and navigating information and ideas, let us provide you with the help you need!


Archive - once a project is done, it will be remove from your plans but you can always find it in the archive database. TaskTimer can be used as a stand-alone or in a network environment.              


                    Total Team Involvement 




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Using TaskTimer®

Can be used at a personal level or with an entire organization due to the broad amount of features, friendly design and effective control.

It caters for any number of projects and sub-projects and allows multi-user access.

You can plan your projects with Activity Mind Mapper and export to TaskTimer to create, track and manage with the correct budget and resources.

Use TaskTimer Fusion with Agile Project Creator for an easy approach to business and IT processes. (to watch Video click on the menu) scroll down to see pictures and information about TTFusion & A. Project Creator.

We provide you with the fuel to transform your business and IT processes & to ensure common working methods across the organization, managing risks and delivering incremental value throughout the project.

Our solutions offer everything you’ll ever need to create a smarter and more productive workforce with exceptional return on the investment. Free download, include as many users as you need.





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TaskTimer with Activity Mind Mapper - collaborate work together and share information by email directly from AMM 

Agile TaskTimer Supports the functions that matter to you, from the most complex activities to creating an email account for each individual.

When looking for more ideas - create a mind map with Activity Mind Mapper and collaborate with your colleagues and team members.

Email your mind map directly from Activity Mind Mapper to invite people to edit, they can open the mind map attached to the email and introduce changes and make comments to increase flow of ideas on a subject.

The person or group selected can add documents, notes, files, attachments, pictures, images and more to your mind map, using various formats.

When you are ready and your mind map is well define you can export it to Agile TaskTimer to create and manage the project, been connected to your team and sharing information, documents and notes with each other.


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  TaskTimer Fusion with Project Creator   


SCF (Critical Success Factors) 

Identify the factors that are critical to the achievement of your goal.                                             


TaskTimer’s "Critical Success Factor" facility helps you get a clear overview of factors which, although not directly linked to the particular Goal, could still play an important role.


                                                               Project Creator


450 templates created and tested are ready to assist you on every phase of the project


TaskTimer/Project Creator combination has been created to suit the needs of your industry, giving you the controls to avoid blind spots due to errors during supervision that may lead to failing the quality, cost and/or schedule. It provides you with an estimate of the duration of activities and tasks.

Enables you to make changes on all kinds of projects once the scope of the project is defined and approved to reach completion, without a negative effect on time and cost.

Permanent improvement to help you secure success and control on your projects to accomplish them on-time, on-budget and on-quality.

Project scenarios help you anticipate possible problems and decide how to avoid or solve them.

Align objectives, manage changes, identify corrective actions, resource management, risk issues and dependencies.

Quality control, milestone plan and timeline + templates and implementation.

Project Creator demo version does not include the templates, just send a request with your choice and we will deliver some to you for review.


The best way to know a product is working with it!



To assess if the product suits your needs, run a free trial, once a license is been deliver we do not refund.


In order to keep all the information entered during the trial you must purchase a permanent license before reaching the end of your logins.

To run a FREE trial of TaskTimer Mobile, Project Creator or if you need more information send us an email. Free trial on Project Creator does not include templates, let us know if you wish to see some. To watch TTFusion with Project Creator video, click on the menu videos & downloads .

NOTE: For instructions on TT Installation please watch video. If you need help with the installation let us know, in certain cases it may incur a cost.

TaskTimer levels



TaskTimer has been developed to meet the time managing and planning needs of all the employees in an organization.

There can naturally be big differences between the needs of individual users, depending among other things, on the functions he/she has in the organization.

For this reason, a user level and special rights can be defined for each user in TaskTimer, this way, the user can get a tool which is specifically matched to his/her needs, without the menus or buttons which are not relevant to the user.

There are four user levels in TaskTimer, the four levels define the access rights to certain functions and to information in the database.

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The four levels are: TTFusion (projects) - TTPMP - TTExpress - TTPIM




Greatly increases the chances of success with all types of projects!

Use this robust solution to schedule resources, create, manage and keep track of projects from start to finish.

Assign tasks to team members along with priorities and deadlines.

PLANNING Advance planning and financial administration of complex projects

Dynamic planning allows changes to accommodate tasks that are completed early, late, re-sequence etc. and assist with impact assessment and communication of changes.


Clone entire project or project structures, saving time and effort when starting a project similar to a previous one, while the old project remains untouched.

Transparent flow of information between project manager and team members aims to keep people on task up-to-date on project status.

The information related to everyone involved in a project is stored, including tasks, contacts, progress and documents from team members up to project managers.

Easy access to needed information to the new members joining the team, so they can easily come up to speed.


Everyone involved in the project has a clear overview at all times – to see if the project is on track and targeted at the right goals.

In TaskTimer the Goal View screen provides managers with a clear picture of the goals and the progress made to achieve this goals.

TaskTimer Fusion identifies objectives and deliverables.


Budget tracking allows organizations to allocate their budgets to specify the amount of resources and money that each project or program should use.

Users are continuously updated on the remaining budget.

Cost analysis and financial resources, advance reporting for progress reports on budget and performance data is available in a variety of formats.


TaskTimer Fusion includes templates for delegating tasks, the task and its goal is defined precisely to match the skill level of the team.

Function for Delegation in TaskTimer Fusion registers the task with the right priority and time frame to ensure that it fits in the project correctly.


Each team member can have a view and track the specific tasks they’re working on. 

Team members have access to other members assigned task list and understand how far the project has progress.

Search for an appropriate user with the right skills and available resources to have tasks completed in set time.

The person assigned to the task must either accept it or reject it, so it is always clear to all team members who are the responsible.

The current status of any task can be seen at any time.

Each team member on the project plan has their own task list, calendar and messaging functionality associated with their project.


Managers can schedule meetings, confirm attendance, distribute agendas and minutes fast and efficiently.

Set long term goals and use these goals to plan and manage shorter term projects – all within the same application.

Relevant documents and contact information can be link to the schedule of the participant.

Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments.

Works with Mobile devices, Windows 7/10/Tablets. Free download available on all of our products.


***Special offer - TTFusion/Project Controller with Project Creator package 765.-Euros x user, web orders only - contact us for a quote in USD

TTFusion/Project Controller 450.-Euros x user, web orders only - contact us for a quote in USD



Keep projects on course towards the final goal

Access project status, schedules and related documents with just a "click!

Allows team member’s to link documents, including letters, reports, budgets, Word doc., Excel, graphs, forecast, presentations and notes to the appropriate projects. 

Quickly and securely everyone involved in the project can access all relevant documents.

The “Status function” provides reports to keep all team members aware of all the progress toward the common goal.

Project managers and other team members have access to information, including the scheduling of resources, budget and time management, tasks assignments, quality control and documentation.

Events and team collaboration. Work with scenarios, keep track of schedules, meetings and contacts. Import and export data, multiple print list of general workload.

Action emails from task, event or contact task, drag and drop emails from Outlook to TaskTimer & vice-versa (available in all levels)

Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments. Works with Mobile devices, Windows 7/10/Tablets.


***Special offer - TTPMP 295.-Euros x user, web orders only - contact us for a quote in USD










The most powerful team collaboration tool 

Helps you to increase the quality of your work and to keep your employees motivated.

Effective time management.

Access to other members assigned task list, understand how far the project has progress “Flags" for update on the progress.

Schedule appointments for yourself and other people, create tasks and see calendars and appointments of other TaskTimer users.

TT Express provides individuals and team members with access to information including the schedule of other team members.

Tailor TaskTimer to your needs, collaborate in real time, see information related to projects and tasks, (available only to people assigned to a tasks in the project)

Drag & drop emails, convert them into activities, book and manage appointments on locations/equipment's.

Daily, weekly & monthly plan with printing facilities in various formats.

Total integration between days, weeks, months, tasks and projects.

All information related to meetings, projects and tasks is collected in one place and on real time.

We work with governments and companies around the world.

Suitable to individuals and multi-user environments. Works with Mobile devices & Windows 7/10/Tablets. Download free


***Special offer - TTExpress 180.-Euros x user, web orders only - contact us for a quote in USD



Organize your personal and professional life

Synchronize from Outlook to TaskTimer and from TaskTimer to Outlook (available in all levels of TT)

Access your data, daily, weekly and monthly plan, with printing facilities (all levels)

Schedule appointments and manage tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events and emails (All levels)

Review current pending, action emails by appointments, tasks, events and contact tasks (All levels)

Keep information secure and private with encrypted password. Integrates with MS Office, Outlook and Exchange.

Works with Windows 7/10/Tablets, free remote presentations available to individuals and groups, remote support.

TTPIM does not work with Mobile devices and does not include Archiving database, suitable to single users only.


***Special offer - TTPIM 40.-Euros x user, web orders only - contact us for a quote in USD



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These Tools can help you optimize performance and to get more out of TaskTimer

At Mobipro we focus on developing tools to help TaskTimer users to get good results with minimum risks and cost of support, associated with their software.

Project Customizer


Manage your TaskTimer projects, assign new employees, project responsible or managers in a glance!


Select one or more TaskTimer user(s) for following selection and modification.


Select one or more projects to be updated.

View current assignment in relation to selected TaskTimer user(s) and project(s).

Assign new rules to be applied. Save changes.

Press GO! and all updates will be applied to your TaskTimer database.


• Works on Adaptive Server Anywhere as well as MS SQL Server(V2012 and higher)

• Enables you to easily assign new personal to appropriate projects.

• Helps you to manage project responsible and or project managers without having to login and open up each project for modification.

• Utility includes TaskTimer logic to keep your database in shape and does not corrupt data and its integrity.

• Provides you possibility to replace project originators.

• Assigns multiple projects with a single click.

• People can easily be detached from current projects.

• Easy to use.

• e.g. to apply new TaskTimer users up to 1.800 projects takes approx. 3 minutes... with no errors (depends on server/client performance)

• Works on all Windows environments


Project Customizing Licensing options

No matter if you are using TaskTimer Project Customizer in a single or multiple user environment. Only limitation is your total amount of pending/ongoing projects stored in TaskTimer database. For database with 50 and less running projects we are offering TaskTimer Project Customizer Light. For larger databases, you will need Project Customizer Pro.

P/C System requirements 

• TaskTimer software in given release

• 10MB free space on Hard disk

• Working ODBC connection to your database

• Operating system: Windows

• Administrative permissions for installation

• At least 1GB RAM


  TaskTimer Delete Utility


The best and most affordable utility that allows TaskTimer users to remove old data e.g. outdated projects, tasks and notes. Unused data could sooner or later lead TaskTimer to lack performance, by deleting data you no longer need you will  improve data response time and will extend the life of the product. (We provide customers with all the necessary procedures for the installation) for a quote on any of the tools please contact us.

All solutions are available to single users as well as small, medium and large organizations.

if you like to give it a try, download FREE your prefer solution... Of course, all solutions can be order in our Web-Shop and you will receive a very good discount!


Contact us for more information




TaskTimer, Activity Mind Mapper & Mobile Solutions are available in the following languages:

Project Creator available in English only



NOTE: Prices do not include local taxes or transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the user.


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