TaskTimer users all over the world have stated their needs - we've listen to them and understood!


Here you will find solutions surrounding TaskTimer to help you accomplish more & ease your work...

At Mobipro we focus on developing tools to guaranty that TaskTimer users get good results with minimum risks and cost of support associated with their software, various solutions are available to synchronize and to improve TaskTimer performance

NEW.- TT SCHEDULER to Synchronize appointments, events, contact tasks, tasks and block reservations to iPhone 5/6 (for more information go to our Webshop or contact us)

Project Customizer -> Read more about it!!

a simple utility to help you manage and integrate new personnel into your project management. Here you'll find your "Swiss knife"...

  1. Assign new employees, project responsible or manager to a project in a glance!
  2. Replace project originator
  3. Detach people from current projects
  4. Fast and easy! you can apply new TaskTimer users 1'800 projects in about 3 minutes, (depends on server/client performance)
  5. Works in all Windows environment
  6. Select one or more TaskTimer user/s to be modified
  7. Select one or more projects to be updated


TT-Delete Utility

the best and most affordable utility to help TaskTimer users to remove old data e.g. old, outdated and finish projects, tasks and notes. Unused data will sooner or later lead TT to lack on performance, by deleting it you will improve data response time and will extend the life of the product. (We provide customers with all the necessary procedures for the installation)  

TT-Database Multiprocessor

Multiprocessing provides performance benefits by adding processing power and improving response time, enabling the database to deal with large amounts of data and avoiding the delays cost by extra loading. Run multiple applications with multiple tasks within an application. You can rely on the availability of your data when and as quick as you need it. (It will update Sybase database to support multiprocessor environment) works with XP 32bit, TT DB OS Start, Window 7 64bit, up to 64 processors. (We provide customers with the information for the installation)  

All solutions are available to single users as well as small, medium and large organizations. If you like to have more information, check right hand side sheets, if you like to give it a try, download FREE of charge your prefer solution... Of course, all solutions can be order in our Web-Shop!

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