TT Project Customizer

TaskTimer Project Customizer

Manage your TaskTimer projects in V7 or future upcoming releases and assign new employees, project responsibles or managers in a glance!

Users. Select one or more TaskTimer user(s) for following selection and modification

Projects. Select one or more projects to be updated

Controls. View current assignment in relation to selected TaskTimer user(s) and project(s). Assign new rules to be applied

Save changes. Press GO! and all updates will be applied to your TaskTimer database.


  • works on Adaptive Server Anywhere as well as MS SQL Server(V2003 and higher)
  • enables you to easily assign new personell to appropriate projects
  • helps you to manage project responsible and or project managers without having to login and open up each project for modification
  • utility includes TaskTimer logics to keep your database in shape and does not corrupt data and its integrity
  • provides you possibility to replace project originators
  • assigns multiple projects by a single click on a button
  • people can easily be detached from current projects
  • simple to use
  • no errors & fast (e.g. apply new TaskTimer users to 1'800 projects takes approx. 3 minutes... (depends on server/client performance)
  • works on all Windows environments with 32bit technology (WinXP and higher)
System requirements
  • TaskTimer software in given release
  • 10MB free space on Hard disk
  • working ODBC connection to your database
  • Operating system: Win XP, Vista (32-bit)
  • administrative permissions for installation
  • at least 1GB RAM
$ 180.00
Project Customizer light (up to 50 active projects)
$ 470.00
Project Customizer Professional (50+ active projects)

Licensing options

No matter if you are using TaskTimer Project Customizer in a single or multiple user environment. Only limitation is your total amount of pending/ongoing projects stored in TaskTimer database. For database with 50 and less running projects we are offering TaskTimer Project Customizer Light. For larger databases, please ask for Project Customizer Pro.


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on or visit our webshop.