TaskTimer PIM

Having an achievable schedule puts you in control!

  1. Organize your personal and professional life, manage your weekly and monthly plan, schedule appointments and manage tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events and emails .
  2. Review current pending, action emails by appointments, tasks, events, emails and your daily contact tasks, keeping your information private and secure with encrypted password .
  3. TaskTimer V11 includes Archiving, 1year search and calendar, synchronization  from TT to Outlook and from Outlook to TT, and TTDB Multiprocessor
  4. Works with W. 7/8/10 does not include archiving, TTPIM is a personal and professional information manager for single users only


    • Keep your business and your personal information organized
    • Schedule people and required resources - see how long it will take to complete a task, plan effectively.
    • TaskTimer PIM is a powerful task manager that helps the user to organize to-do-list and notes
    • Add notes to tasks, follow the status of your task
    • Add notes /MS office documents to your activities and decrease searching time when you need these information again
    • Book locations and equipment with your appointments
    • Drag and drop emails from Outlook to TaskTimer and convert them into activities

  1. The only way to know TaskTimer is by using it!
  2. download a free TT demo


  1. UPGRADES: A variety of upgrades to new releases help you keep the investment secure
  2. SECURITY: Data base stability and proven security
  3. Dual password-protects the access to your data
  4. SUITABLE FOR: Single users; works with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 10, all 32 and 64bits-environments 



  1. FREE remote presentations available to individuals and groups all over the world, hassle free! 
  2. If You Need to improve the Database perfomance CONTACT US or visit "Tools" on our webpage
  3. Visit "Tools" to find out how to delete old data  



FREE TASKTIMER Demo valid for 50 logins, to keep all the information entered on the demo you must purchase a permanent license before end of trial, for a free demo on TTWeb, TTMobile, TTX-Cloud,Project Creator or more information contact us info@mobipro.com


New Products:

  1. “Activity Mind Mapper” The ultimate thinking tool it's been released, brainstorm by email to capture ideas, information and actions for projects and tasks. Lay out goals, projects and tasks, see what needs to be done, drag and drop  emails and tasks into AMM, easy to use, with full integration to Outlook, available to TT users and non TaskTimer users, can be used at a personal, academic and corporate level, with full integration to Outlook, 4 languages and at a very affordable price
  2. TTScheduler Synchronize TT information to iPhone 5/6/6+/7 and iPad
  3. Synex the bridge between TT and Exchange


NOTE: Prices do not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

 Archiving works only with TTSQL DB – soon will be available to Micros. SQL, When your work is finish click “Done” (available in TT)

System requirements
  • Works with XP, Vista, W.7/8 and Surface Tablet
  • Administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 150MB of free space on your drive (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)
  • Pentium IV or faster, 512MB RAM, more than 256 colors

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$ 65.00
USD x user - Great value for a great price!
Activity Mind Mapper the ultimate thinking tool it's been released, available to users and non-users of TT, 4 different languages, English, German, French & Spanish, download a free demo

Licensing options

TaskTimer PIM is designed to be used by Individuals, only. Trial time for testing proposals is granted at no cost. Trial period can be unlocked by purchasing a valid TaskTimer PIM-license from our webshop. € 65.--


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on sales@mobipro.com or visit our webshop.