TaskTimer Express

We believe work is about people...TaskTimer Express is for the people at work!! 

Help your team complete delegated projects successfully. Increase performance and capacity with this powerful team collaboration tool

Keep all information in one place and on real time, we work with governments and companies around the world. Our suite of products are designed to fit your needs! The best way to know TT is to work with it
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Benefits and functionality

  1. Keep on top with day to day activities. Get instant access to your planning and other available users
  2. Get feedback from TaskTimer on appointments with conflicted bookings
  3. Set tasks on appropriate daily plan to decrease time when reviewing current pending
  4. Each team member can have a view and track the specific tasks they’re working on, have access to other members assigned task list and calendar
  5. Undo and redo multiple changes,  reverse the most recent changes to views, data, and options
  6. Schedule appointments for yourself and other people, create tasks and see calendars and appointments of other TaskTimer users –
  7. TaskTimer Express provides individuals and team members with access to information including the schedule of other team members
  8. Your colleagues cooperation reflects instantly on your project plans and/or your daily view
  9. Select the scenarios and have the requested information available with just a click
  10. Add notes/MS Office documents to your activities or projects and decrease searching time
  11. Book and manage appointments on locations/equipments
  12. Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly plan with printing facilities in different formats
  13. Daily plan divided in areas as: appointments, tasks, contact tasks and events
  14. One single point of entry, data shown in different views
  15. Drag and drop your emails from Outlook to TaskTimer Express and have them converted into activities
  16. Use referencing/tagging for later selection. Built-in email utility with no known virus
  17. Self explaining wizard help you to quickly become familiar  with the use of TaskTimer Express
  18. Synchronize with Outlook/Exchange and integrates with MS Office & Skype
  19. Works with Vista, Windows XP, 7-8 and 10 on 32-64bit-environments

 REMOTE ACCESS: Get access to projects and achieve set targets connecting TTExpress to your mobile phone-For information click on TTMobile. (TTW does not work with TTExpress ) 

CLOUD: To have TaskTimer Express connected to CLOUD see TTX Cloud. If you need more information contact us

  1. UPGRADES: Different levels of TaskTimer available for upgrades to new releases 
  2. SUITABLE FOR: Single users and multi-user environment
  3. WHAT ABOUT SECURITY? Mobipro solutions are all based on proven security.
  4. Dual password secures access to your data.
  5. Other levels to access your data can be set according to your needs.
  6. Highly stable database.


IMPROVE TT DATABASE PERFORMANCE.. TTDB Multiprocessor improves response time and the ability of the database to deal with large amounts of data, avoiding the delays cause by extra loading, TTV11 comes with TTDB Multiprocessor -Works with XP 32bit, TT DB OS Start, Window 7 / 8 / 10 - 64bit 


  • FREE TaskTimer Demo valid for 50 loggins, include as many users as you need. To be able to keep all the information entered in your TaskTimer Demo you must purchase a permanent license before the end of the trial, to run a FREE TRIAL - for more information send a request to: info@mobipro.com



  • “Activity Mind Mapper” HAS BEEN RELEASED, the ultimate thinking tool, run brainstorming by email, capture ideas, information & actions for projects, create a visual map to see what needs to be done, drag & drop emails and tasks into Activity Mind Mapper. Lay out goals, projects and tasks, export all the information to TT to start a project with the correct resources. Affordable and easy to use, with full integration to Outlook, available to TT users & non TaskTimer users, students, personal use, academics and corporate levels.  Visit: www.activitymindmapper.com Free AMM demo available for download
  • Synex, the bridge between TaskTimer and Exchange
  • TaskTimer Scheduler synchr. your TT information to iPhone 5/6/6+/7, iPad and newer Android-devices


NOTE: Prices do not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

 Archiving works only with TTSQL DB - Soon will be available to M.SQL, TIP! when your work is finish click “Done” (available in TT)

System requirements
  • Windows Operating system (XP, Vista, W. 7/8/10 & Surface Tablet)
  • administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 150MB of free space on your drive
  • Pentium IV or faster, 512MB RAM, more than 256 colors

for use in multi-user environments

  • network, based on TCP/IP with centralized server (Win2003 Server and higher) to keep TaskTimer database available for your new entries
  • at least 100MB space for TaskTimer data and permissions to setup a database server in Windows services (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)

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$ 190.00
Regular price $220 x user - Discount on web orders
ACTIVITY MIND MAPPER run brainstorming by email, lay out goals, projects & tasks, integration to Outlook, 50 free login

Licensing options

TaskTimer Express is designed to be used by Individuals or within multi-user environments of TaskTimer. In multiple user environments of TaskTimer various kind of licenses (e.g. Express, PMP or Fusion) may be combined. Trial time for testing proposals is granted at no cost. Expired trial period can be unlocked by purchasing a valid TaskTimer Express-license from our webshop.


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on sales@mobipro.com or visit our webshop.