Capture, organize and manage all your projects, in one central place

Take control of your projects with solutions that support the functions that matter to you and match your business needs

Manage documents and meetings, invite and share with participants - keep all the information in one place

  1. TaskTimer Fusion includes full Project Management functionality, is our most robust solution focus on project planning, tracking (including multiple projects), time management and control, plan adjustment, bug reports, documentation and collaboration.
  2. You can schedule resources, keep track of projects from start to finish, assign tasks to team members along with priorities and deadlines and it´s only visible to the ones who need to know, create the budget and receive continues updates of the remaining balance 
  3. Can be use by all industries due to the broad amount of features, friendly design and effective control, helps businesses to create business value, improve efficiency and encourage stakeholder involvement. Easy to use, works in real-time, caters for any number of projects and sub-projects and allows multi-user access


New functionality: 

  1. Sync. to Outlook
  2. Archiving TTV11 includes 2 databases, one assigned just for archiving projects & tasks, you are able to retrieve the information when ever you need it, this creates extra space in your working DB   
  3. TTDB Multiprocessor added for processing power to improve response time
  4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manage interactions with current and future customers, share notes, collaborate with your team and share information as it happens 
  5. 1 year search 
  6. 1 year Calendar view (12/6/3/1 month)
  7. Drop Box Menu, to access all activities with just a click, your goals, projects, tasks, contact tasks, events , message list and emails and to keep updated on the status of your work

New products:

  1. Activity Mind Mapper the ultimate thinking tool, email your mind map for others to edit on it, running brainstorming by email saves time and money - available in 4 different languages English, German, French and Spanish, to TaskTimer and non-TT users, can be use by  individuals, students and by academics & corporate business levels, visit our webpage to download a FREE AMM demo to receive free offer
  2. SYNEX: the Bridge between TaskTimer and Exchange, certain steps must be followed for the synchronization to work properly 
  3. TTScheduler: to synchronize appointments, events, tasks, contact tasks and block reservation to iPhone 5/6/7 and updated Android devices easy to use and affordable


TT Fusion includes TTWeb and Integration with Project Creator

All the information and everything you need in one solution!

  2. Dynamic planning allows changes to accommodate tasks that are completed early, late, re-sequence etc. and assist with impact assessment and communication of changes.
  3. Clear distinction between planning phase and post planning phase to avoid confusion
  4. Each team member on the project plan has their own task list, calendar and messaging functionality associated with their project


  2. TTFusion Dramatically Increases the Chances to Succeed with All Types of Projects!
  3. Monitor progress, automatically update team members, assign tasks and identify critical issues, easily
  4. Clone entire project or project structures, saving time and effort when starting a project similar to a previous one, while the old project remains un-touch.
  5. Transparent flow of information between project manager and team members aims to keep people on task up-to-date on project status.
  6. The information related to everyone involved in a project is stored, including tasks, contacts, progress and documents from team members up to project managers, this gives access to new members joining the team to the information they need to come up to speed
  7. TaskTimer Fusion allows team member’s to link documents, including letters, reports, budgets, Word doc., Excel, graphs, forecast, presentations and notes, to the appropriate projects with one "Click" and quickly and securely everyone involved in the project can access all relevant documents.
  8. The Project Control View and Gantt Charts provide an overview of all projects and tasks and the relationships between them. As milestones are reached, they change color.
  9. Potential crisis are clearly flagged and can be addressed immediately
  10. Constant overview of strategies, plans and goals, enables to make the connection between goals, projects and tasks, in both directions –top-down and bottom-up
  11. Top-down: Goals are broken down into projects, which are broken into tasks.
  12. Bottom-up: New tasks are linked to projects which contribute to goals.
  13. Project reporting and automated status reporting, task and project PERT analysis


  1. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - The Key to Success!
  2. Everyone involved in the project has a clear overview at all times –to see if the project is on track and targeted at the right goals
  3. In TaskTimer the Goal View screen provides managers with a clear picture of the goals and the progress made to achieve this goals.
  4. TaskTimer Fusion Identifies objectives and deliverables


  2. Create and Track the Budget on Projects - Budget tracking allows organizations to allocate their budgets to specify the amount of resources and money that each project or program should use
  3. Users are continuously updated on the remaining budget
  4. Cost analysis and financial resources, advance reporting for progress reports on budget and performance data is available in a variety of formats.


  2. TaskTimer Fusion includes templates for delegating tasks, the task and its goal are defined precisely to match the skill level of the team
  3. Function for Delegation in TaskTimer Fusion registers the task with the right priority and time frame to ensure that it fits in the project correctly


  1. TASKS
  2. Each team member can have a view and track the specific tasks they’re working on, have access to other members assigned task list and understand how far the project has progress
  3. Search for an appropriate user with the right skills and available resources to have tasks completed in set time
  4. Members of a team can commit to a task or seek further information.
  5. The person assigned to the task must either accept it or reject it, so it is always clear to all team members who are the responsible.
  6. The current status of any task can be seen at any time
  7. Each team member on the project plan has their own task list, calendar and messaging functionality associated with their project


  2. Plan and manage your events and meetings, confirm attendance, distribute agendas and minutes fast and efficiently and share with the right people, as well as set long term goals and use these goals to plan and manage shorter-term projects
  3. Relevant documents and contact information can be link to the schedule of the participants

 TaskTimer FUSION and TaskTimer WEB

TaskTimer Web is included when you buy TaskTimer Fusion BPM. TaskTimer Web offers the ability to easily collaborate, monitor progress and access your TaskTimer information from anywhere in the world with access to internet, you can find more information on TTWeb page  


Run Successful Business Projects with TTFusion BPM & Project Creator

Project Creator provides you with the fuel to transform your business processes

Initiation     /     Planning     /     Execution     /     Monitoring and Controlling     /     Project assessment.

Align to objectives, manage changes, identify corrective actions (how to get back on track), resource management, risk and issues, dependencies, quality control, milestone plan and timeline + templates. Project Creator (English only) is an add-on, not included withTTFusion

Project Creator is a framework for managing processes, it provides you with templates that include complete detailed description on what needs to be done on a project, automated templates easily generates the reports you need, saving you time and documenting your progress

USER FRIENDLY: Select from Project Creator drop down list the proccess (information) you want and have it all automatically transfer to work directly form your TaskTimer Fusion.

TaskTimer MOBILE: Access to projects and information with iPad, iPhone or any other SmartPhone with TaskTimer Mobile (optional) training and support provided

TaskTimer-CLOUD: All levels of TaskTimer (Except TTPIM) can be run as Private or Public Cloud at a very affordable cost, you can choose to own the product or pay as you go

SUITABLE TO: Single users and multi-user environment

SUPPORT: We offer you remote support, need help? send an email to


Multiprocessing provides performance benefits by adding processing power, TTDB Multiprocessor improves response time and the ability of the database to deal with large amounts of data, avoiding the delays cause by extra loading, allows to run multiple applications and multiple tasks within an application, it represents a tremendous savings, specially to customers experiencing sluggish database performance. It will update Sybase database to support multiprocessor environment - Works with XP 32bit, TT DB OS Start, Windows 7/8/10 - 64bit-customers will be provided with necessary information to help with the installation or if they prefer we will do it for extra cost  



  • FREE TaskTimer Demo is valid for 50 loggins, if you wish to keep all the information entered in TaskTimer Demo you need to buy a permanent license before the end of the trial, to run a FREEDemo of TTMobile, TTWeb, Project Creator, TTX Cloud, for more information, help or to schedule a FREE remote presentation send us a request to:     


NOTE: Prices do not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

***Very important information: Archiving works with TTSQL DB & Micros. SQL / Best way to know TT is to work with it.. FREE evaluation valid for 50 logins, include as many users as you need!

Once the license/s have been delivered we are unable to refund, to make sure run a free demo

System requirements
  • Windows Operating system (XP, Vista, W. 7/8, 10 & Surface Tablet)
  • administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 150MB of free space on your drive
  • Pentium IV or faster, 512MB RAM, more than 256 colours

For use in multi-user environments

  • network, based on TCP/IP with centralized server (Win2003 Server and higher) to keep TaskTimer database available for your new entries
  • at least 100MB space for TaskTimer data and permissions to setup a database server in Windows services (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)

For TT Web

  • webserver based in IIS or Tomcat with access from Inter-/Intranet equipped with Java SE Runtime Environment, working JDBC-driver to TaskTimer database, at least one open TCP-port for communication between TT Web and your TaskTimer database (fully configurable)

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Pack $900 USD, includes Project Creator (English only) TTFusion & TTWeb, various languages
Activity Mind Mapper, make brainstorming more productive, invite people to work on your mind map by email, for TT & non-TT users, individual, academic, professional and corporate levels, English,German, French & Spanish avail.
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Licensing options

TaskTimer Fusion is designed to be used by Individuals or within multi-user environments with high demand on planning. In multiple user environments various kind of licenses (e.g. Express, PMP or Fusion) may be combined. Trial time for testing proposals is granted at no cost. Expired trial period can be unlocked by purchasing a valid TaskTimer Fusion-license from our webshop.


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on or visit our webshop.