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Create and complete All types of projects!
   Collaborate with your team while on the go!
TaskTimer Mobile solutions are powerful applications that offer the best practices for "Getting Things Done"

NEW Products .-
TTSCHEDULER connect to iPhones 5/6/7, iPad and Android to schedule on your mobile device, easy event planning and meeting scheduling, have detailed meeting information always available
Activity Mind Mapper - HAVE AN IDEA? TURN IT INTO A PLAN AND IMPLEMENT IT!! All plans start with an idea but not all ideas make it to the planning stage, sometimes we just don't believe the idea is good enough and give up without exploring. AMM gives your imagination the tools to run free your idea, covering all possible angles and ensuring that is done with maximun efficiency for you to capture, organize and communicate information and ideas to your team and colleagues. Send your mind map by email to invite people to edit and work on your mind map, run Brainstorming by email, create visual maps to help you see what needs to be done. Attach notes, documents, files, pictures using different formats. Drag & drop emails and tasks into AMM. Full integration to Outlook, easy to use and affordable. Available to TT and non-TT users, for personal use, students, academics and corporate levels.  Available in English, German, French and Spanish. Easy to use and very affordable. Download AMM free
Synex the bridge that connects TT and Exchange

TaskTimer Mobile Solutions - what is in it for you?
Accountability, effective communication and collaboration

  • Monitor progress of a project, get access to projects and achieve set targets!
  • Search for Team Members, start a new project and have milestone set by default
  • Set project deadline on the starting date
  • When you start a project TTMobile assigns for you by default the Project Team Member, Project Responsible & Project Manager or make your own selection
  • Keep up to date on the state of the project and deadlines
  • Sort for projects to link to appointments, task and contact task
  • Add or remove people from a project
  • See deadlines on projects, tasks, calendars and block reservations
  • You don't need to pre-select the project to add/edit an appointment
  • Have projects marked DONE (best function for Project Managers)
  • Collaborate with your team and prioritize
  • Conflicts: Stop the project, Identified the problem, handle change & continue with the project
  • Select participants to a meeting and see who accepted/rejected or has not yet reacted to the request
  • Tasks, set start-and end-date for a task by default
  • Set Contact task with a start date and no deadline
  • See "pending" and "done" task and contact task, notes and all the information related to a contact (company, people, address, email address etc.) + Project list with project short name
  • Access and share weekly views including other users and their calendars, notes, contacts, emails, agenda and your choice of TaskTimer Mobile available information with other TT users
  • Edit on appointments, tasks and contact tasks
  • Create and track tasks, contacts and meetings, time and appointments
  • A clever but efficient distinction between people and companies built in
  • "Link people to companies or companies to different people"
  • Keep track of your own schedule, see when you're free or busy
  • Communicate with automatic "Dialing Function"
  • Book a full day or recurring meetings, add appointments and events to new weekly plan
  • Create a meeting and see availability and appointments of other TaskTimer users
  • invitate TT and non TT users to meetings by clicking on their email or on the person´s name, TT does the rest   
  • TTMobile EMAILS: Send/receive emails from existing contact 
  1. VISIBILITY:  increase, decrease or move around to fit the screen for better visibility when you search or read information
  2. Quick and easy search on tasks, address lists and contacts
  3. TTMob. WORKS with any Smart Phone & operating system (iPad, iPhone (including 5,6,6+), Blackberry, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Windows Mobile, Linux and Android)
  4. SUPPORT: Remote support and free presentations, send your request by email to
  5. ANY amount of users: from single user to huge enterprises

With TaskTimer Scheduler navigation and search are a simple and easy task

Work OFFLINE / Devices

TaskTimer Scheduler is a calendar app that uses a simple design to plan your TaskTimer information residing in the Corporate Network, in the Cloud, your iPhone or Android, it can be used without internet connection or Wi-Fi, so you can continue to work on the information stored in the device, entering new schedules or making modifications to existing data, when your device is connected to the network again, the information updates automatically, 2 ways for ALL entries. Manual updates are also available

TaskTimer Scheduler supports 5 standard views: Day, Day as a list, week, month and tasks
TRAVEL TIME to and from Meetings included!
You'll never forget to plan the travel time to and from a meeting and back to your workplace. All features are seamlessly integrated
With any upcoming event you are reminded on time, with a sound, pop-up window and a message on your message list
BLOCK RESERVATIONS for you to plan vacations and much more 

CONFIDENTIALITY: TaskTimer data is stored either in the network, your personal computer or in the Cloud, you decide..this areas enable you the control over your information, so if you loose your mobile device, you will not loose your data. TTMobile works the same way

Access using different devices available at NO ADDITIONAL COST, since you have access to the same calendar, you may be able to load multiple copies to other devices

Version: 2.0
Size: 3.1 MB
Language: English only

  • What's New in Version 2.0 / Alarms, travel time, support for more than one device simultaneous, filter for the day pending tasks and bug fixes.

Free of charge @ iTunes AppStore….

Free of charge @ Google Play AppStore
Prerequisits: Needs at least Android 4.1 or higher 

TASKTIMER CLOUD: All levels of TaskTimer (except TaskTimer PIM) can be run as Private or Public Cloud, you choose to own the product or pay as you go


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY .. we can help you select to avoid mistakes, NO REFUNDS

 TaskTimer FREE valid for 50 logins, in order to keep all the information entered during the TTMobile trial you must purchase a permanent license before reaching the end of the trial, to run a FREE trial of TaskTimer Mobile, TaskTimer Web, TaskTimer X, Project Creator or if you need more information send an email to: installation not included on the price


NOTE: Prices do not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

 **** Important information: Archiving works with TTDB SQL and Microsoft SQL-

TIP! When your work is finish click “Done” (available in TT)

System requirements
  • TaskTimer software in given release
  • a webserver equipped with Java SE Runtime Environment JRE6 Update 14 or newer (no matter if it is an IIS or a Tomcat)
  • valid JDBC-connectivity in between webserver and your TaskTimer database
  • at least one open TCP-port for communication in between TTWeb and TaskTimer database (fully configurable)

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€ 155.00
Price x user / FREE download
TT Scheduler the mobile solution for iPhone and Android, no connection needed to your provider or Wi-Fi
Ignore the message that prevents you from downloading TT and continue with the process, Mobipro products are safe
Activity Mind Mapper free download includes free TT (visit AMM page) works with & without TT
The only way to know a product is to work with it! Run it free of charge

Licensing options

TTMobile can be used from Individuals up to large organizations. There is no known limitation. NOTE: each TTMobile user must have a valid TaskTimer license! Trial for internal testing proposals is granted at no cost on our testing environment. Please send us a short message to and we will get you an account with no obligations!


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on or visit our webshop.