To decide which TT level better suits your needs see the video or download free trial selecting TTFusion / Project Controller our most robust level with full functionality and project management, from here you can navigate down to other levels and easily evaluate what is best for you.


All TT levels include appointments, tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events, send & receive emails, drag & drop emails to convert to activities, secure login & printing. Watch videos



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                                                               TaskTimer LEVELS  

  1. To Download  Click TTFusion includes Full Project Management functionality, planning, delegation, create objectives, projects, budgets, cost per person, tasks, events, schedules, meetings, contacts,                                                             archiving - full functionality, from this TT level you will be able to go down to all other levels showing below.


  1. TTPMP includes archiving, see progress, access to information including scheduling of resources, budget and time management, tasks assignments, quality control and documentation, team collaboration, import and export data.
  2. TTExpress Access to members task list, flag for update & progress, set appointments for you and others, create task & see calendars & appointments, yours and others, collaborate, book locations and equipment.
  3. TTPIM access daily, weekly & monthly plan, appointments, manage tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events, review pending. Encrypted password, does not work with mobile solutions.


Download Project Creator Risk Management, respond to the risk.

  • Identify the Risk. You can’t resolve a risk if you don’t know what it is.
  • Analyze the Risk. All potential risks listed in your risk register.
  • Prioritize the Risk. Not all risks are created equally.
  • Assign an Owner to the Risk.

DownloadActivity Mind Mapper Real life uses of mind map (Sorry this product is not available right now)

  • Memorizing: learners create mind maps to boost learning and memorizing.
  • Organizing Ideas: by grouping and organizing information we improve understanding of what we are trying to create, by meaning and association.
  • Brainstorming Sessions: is the place where new ideas are born and developed.
  • Attractive Presentations: avoid being misunderstood, create a more professional presentation, keep your audience’s attention longer.
  • Simplify Complex Ideas: master the art of simplifying complex ideas, Mind maps connect keywords making it easier for you to connect the dots and look at the big picture.
  • Case Study: A mind mapping strategy can help you build a successful case study in which you will not miss on any detail during the examination.
  • Problem Solving: have a clear bird-perspective, maximize the potential of choosing the right solution.
  • Project Management: Project Managers must use their time productively and strategically, mind maps help you organize the chaos so that it's not overwhelming and demotivating.
  • Sourcing: organize all the information about a certain profile: level of education, type of job, assignments and requirements, have everything you need at a glance.
  • Summarize: summarize in a mind map books you have read, films you have seen, your weekly tasks - anything! You will remember longer since our brain works by visualizing and organizing.
  • Event planning & meeting scheduling: TT/AMM are designed to provide leadership teams, corporate secretaries and administrators advance tools for easy meeting scheduling and event planning.

Mobile Solution:

      Download: TaskTimer Mobile get access and see progress of your projects, add or remove people from a project, collaborate with your team and prioritize, send us an email if you have issues downloading a FREE TTMobile   

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Watch video to find out  how TTFusion V11 and Project Creator can provide all you need to manage project issues and avoid crisis.


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 Click on link below to watch video on TTFusion with Project Creator methodology, one more presentation to help you understand the benefits this combination brings to your projects.

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