1980 first step to the creation of TaskTimer

  • In 1980 Time Systems International started producing paper based planning tools for office professionals and individual clients.
  • The logic behind these superior time management system has given Time Systems International a leading position in the market with more than 2,000.000 users worldwide.
  • Time Systems International core competence was in the area of planning, project management and implementations of plans, combined with an in-depth knowledge of human and organizational behaviour and interpersonal relations.
  • Time Systems International concentrated fully on these activities since 1980.
  • On top of this, Time Systems International began to develop its own very dedicated and highly professional software division for product development and innovation, with well-educated and experience software developers.
  • With this team of professionals Time Systems International invented and created the first software version of the present TaskTimer, as a standard Windows system in 1993, a user friendly solution with an intuitive graphical interface.
  • In 1995 the second version TTV2.0 was launched, followed by TT v3.0 in 1996, TTv4.0 in 1997 and TTv5.0 in 1998 completely Internet-enabled

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  • I-Case International was established in 1991 with a Rapid Development Methodology (RDM) that embodied leading edge Project Management principles in a set of interactive templates, helping blue chip companies and large governments to plan, budget, manage and report on major projects for more than two decades.
  • In 2001/ I-Case based in Australia become the owner and worldwide distributor for the Mobipro family of software developed by Danish Company, Time/Systems International, they were recognized as publishers of the world most prestigious paper-based Time Management System.
  • I-Case International business underwent a dramatic evolution by acquiring a Mobipro technology that was 100% complimentary to the I-Case Rapid Delivery Methodology (RDM), this integration made it possible to run complex and large projects in real time with RDM, later re-name as RD and last re-badged as Project Creator with integration to TaskTimer Fusion

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  • Mobipro is now the sole owner of these worldwide software distribution company that develops and manufactures software applications and supports its own time and project management products.
  • Together with Project Creator and TTFusion we equipped the user with all that is needed to respond to business changes and to deliver to the business what they need at the time of delivery, a new and easy approach to access business and IT processes keeping all the information in one solution.
  • The first launch of TaskTimer realized by Mobipro was in 2002 with TT v6.0 (flat database) 2004 marks the start of the existing SQL db with the release of TT6.2, followed by TTv7.0 in 2007, TTv10 in 2011 and our latest release TTv11 in 2015 and our latest release TTV15 in 2023.
  • Our aim is to support all the steps of customer needs and to provide high quality management solutions to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Mobipro extensive line of customers all over the world avail of our products, services, improved team performance, increased productivity and the achievement of their goals and objectives.
  • With a base of 3.150.000 users, principally in Europe, including 12.500 TT corporate licenses in Germany alone, the company was changed from an Australian-focused business to an international software company, expanding the distribution network, which now covers 38 countries and various languages.

To match the rapid growing method of delivering information Mobipro acquired SaaS / TTX Cloud, to extend the use of existing solutions to a bigger selection of programs & technologies and to allow the users to do things dramatically better, at a fraction of the time and cost. If you need more information or help send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.