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TT Mobile - Help Your Business Grow!

TaskTimer Mobile brings the time, schedule and contact management capability to your Smart Phone. With a simple click and all the freedom complete all types of projects and collaborate with your team. Work with TT @ a personal level, with colleagues or the entire organization, quickly & efficiently communicate & collaborate with your workgroup in every department

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Public Cloud

Harness Agile TaskTimer/Project Creator BPM Cloud for Business Transformation!

It’s hard to overstate the importance of agility in business, Cloud today not only represents savings in cost and becoming more agile, but the value it provides to your business. Are you ready to change? let us serve you with the best advise and quotation.-Businesses and individuals can outsource from Mobipro and pay only for what they use, TaskTimer Cloud solutions can be delivered as a leased service with predictable cost, adding value and enhancing business agility, since employees and users are connected at all times, from any location. Work with these applications from anywhere…

Private Cloud

Gain a competitive edge with the solution that works with the system you already have, we mean any system!

Businesses and individuals can build and run their own TaskTimer Private Cloud with all of the associated costs, Mobipro provides you with the tools and the solutions to create your own Cloud and run TaskTimer along with any other management application, you may already have, ANY existing software e.g. MS-Office, OpenOffice, ERP-CRM-etc. Fast response and flexibility while you remain the "Master" of your data!

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